sunny Adjara

The hospitable and sunny Georgia is considered one of the main jewels of the entire Caucasus. It is no coincidence that every year the country is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists to find amusement and entertainment here to their taste. Tourists and visitors alike will also be pleased by Adjara, the most prominent resort region of the state.

General information about Adjara

The autonomous Republic of Adjara with its administrative center, the city of Batumi, is located on the south-west Georgia. It borders Turkey and is washed by the Black Sea, occupying the area of about 2.9 thousand sq. km. More than 90% of the local population are Ajarian Georgians, who live next to Russian, Armenians, Greeks and other nationalities.

The territory of Adzharia, a significant part of which being covered with deciduous and coniferous forests, can be divided into two large areas with distinctive natural features: humid subtropical seaside area, and the foothills areas with drier climate.

People began to settle in these lands since the Stone Age, and here since ancient times people were engaged in primitive metallurgy, as evidenced by many archaeological finds on display in local museums. Later on, the region was part of various states with Georgia metropolis. Now this is the economically developed region with high tourism potential.

When to go to Adjara?

Thanks to its subtropical climate, one can have holidays in Adjara all year round. However, the area is a venue of several attention-getting activities, so one has to adjust the vacation time to visit the events. End of April is a period of the wine festival, the activity the Ajarians have been engaged since ancient times. In early August, a few days are dedicated to a traditional farm holiday Shuamtoba, accompanied by colorful spectacular events. In September, by visiting the Meris gorge, it is worth taking part in the celebration of Merisoby, where one can easily get familiar with the unique culture and folklore of the republic.

The holiday season in Adjara lasts from May to October. At this time, the water on the beaches of the coast line is very warm, sunny days are many, and rainfall is rare. The most popular area for holidaymakers is considered Kobuleti. The place has a rather well-developed infrastructure, has many hotels and boarding houses. Nightlife lovers can enjoy plenty of clubs and bars.

A village of Kvariati, located at the very border with Turkey is distinguished by its picturesque beaches with the cleanest water. Tourists will spend their leisure time in the tranquil surroundings at cozy recreation facilities and comfortable hotels of the Chakvi settlement. Of particular attraction is the resort area of Mtsvane-Kontskhi famous for its magnificent botanical garden. Apart from sunbathing and swimming, there are excellent facilities in place for diving.

In Adjara, one can not only relax, but also to substantially improve one’s health. Sulphur baths of the Makhindzhauri resort are useful in the treatment of gynecological diseases and vascular conditions. Salt water baths and fresh sea air of Tsikhisdziri produce positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Green Cape resorts specialize in the treatment of respiratory conditions, including bronchial asthma.

What attracts tourists in Adjara?

The republic is of interest to travelers with its indescribable, beautiful nature and historical monuments. Holidays here can be both beneficial to health, and informative.

One should visit the magnificent waterfall of Mahuntseti. One can spend hours watching the streams of crystal clear water from the rapid river rushing down the rocky slope from a 20-meter height. The place can be reached by the arched stone bridge built by orders of the Queen Tamara, by estimates, it is 900 years old. Not far from the village of Khulo, among marvelous mountains is the location of a unique Green Lake. Its calm waters are sparkling with shades of dark green to turquoise, and its depth is so great that it does not freeze even in winter.

Among the historical monuments, worth visiting are ancient fortresses, which are quite many in the territory of the republic. The ancient citadel of Peter in Kobuleti is usually dated back to the VI century. To date its remains include fragments of fortified walls, the Basilica and the remnants of houses. Not far from the capital city of Batumi it is worth visiting the Roman fortification of Gonio, which has been well restored and reconstructed. It is assumed that the tomb of the Apostle Matthew is somewhere in its territory.